Bitcoin Gambling Regulations around the Entire World

With the distinct options made available for gambling and betting, there is a rise in demand for cryptocurrency across the world. Bitcoin has undoubtedly become highly popular in online casinos and gambling today.


Overview of Bitcoin & its Uses

For those who are unfamiliar with Bitcoin, it is used to make unidentified transactions and is a kind of cryptocurrency. The currency is distributed worldwide and is a quick means of transaction that does not involve a third party. As a result, casino players prefer to use it while playing online casinos.

Is Bitcoin Accepted Everywhere?

The rules and regulations of Bitcoin vary as it’s not legally accepted everywhere. The regulations, therefore, differ from state to state. The casino players cannot use Bitcoin as a payment mode in all countries which is definitely a matter of concern. If you want to know more about the regulations of Bitcoin gambling, read below.

Significance of Bitcoin Gambling

When you win in a BTC casino, your money is transferred into your e-wallet automatically. Cash conversion or making other cryptocurrency transactions is simpler as it doesn’t get blocked and it’s similar to that of a bank. provides an option to its users to do online gambling secretively and the progress of players cannot be seen by one another. Besides, the fee involved in transactions is low and it is secured.

Most casino sites do not provide the information regarding their terms with clarity. As a few sites operate unethically, online gamblers have minimal chance of victory. Hence, there must be strict regulations so that players can follow the right practices.

Regulations of Bitcoin Gambling

Countries that safely allow players to use Bitcoin for their online transactions have the regulations in place. Some of the countries that do not encourage Bitcoin gambling or the use of Bitcoin are Bolivia, Egypt, Nepal, Pakistan, and Morocco to name a few.

Countries that Allow Bitcoin Gambling

Poland, Greece, Netherlands, and Belgium are some of the countries that have regulations in place with regard to Bitcoin gambling.

  • Regulations in the UK

The gambling rules are set in the UK and sites offering crypto gambling should adhere to the same. The UK Gambling Commission allows Bitcoin gambling although with a strict caution to the providers to ensure they don’t misuse or cheat people.

In order to follow the regulations to avoid fraudulent activities, some countries follow safety procedures which include KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering).

  • Bitcoin Gambling in the US

When it comes to the US, Bitcoin gambling is still unclear in terms of legality. In 2006, congress passed the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act) wherein banks were restricted to make deposits, withdraw or process payments that were made through online gaming. To abide by this rule, many online casinos refrained from having online gamblers from this country.

  • States in the USA that Allow Bitcoin Transactions

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are not legalized in the US. However, many states do allow it, but others are strictly against it. Besides, it is not easy in the US as many aspects of the federal legislation remain unanswered. Some of the states such as Tennessee, Texas, Kansas, and Montana allow Bitcoin transactions. But, North Carolina, Connecticut, California, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire have completely banned any kind of transactions through cryptocurrency.

The Regulations – How Are They Imposed?

The government plays a crucial role in any country to regulate financial transactions which are not considered legal. The online casino players most often are not accused when they use Bitcoin to transact in places where it is banned. The government authorities instead get hold of the site owners to ensure Bitcoin gambling is not accepted in the future.

But, some online casinos that are strictly against Bitcoin gambling do not entertain people from countries where Bitcoin is not legalized. In such scenarios, the IP address of the user gets blocked by the site and they receive a popup notification that the deposits have not been accepted.

Thus, this is how countries around the world deal with Bitcoin gambling. If you like playing online casinos through Bitcoin, ensure that you go through the terms and conditions of the casino sites before you proceed. It is very important to ensure you play online gambling games safely without any interruptions.