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Privacy coins like Monero and Zcash feature cutting-edge applied cryptography. Privacy, fungibility, and security are important characteristics of money. Join us this Friday to learn more about these privacy coins and how they’re changing the game. We will also discuss the difficulty of developing privacy-focused systems and the best ways for assessing the quality of privacy technologies.

When? Friday, November 16th at 4:30 PM

Where? Bruininks Hall 432

Snacks are provided! Contact us if you have dietary restrictions.

We’re moving from Slack to Discord

Last week, we migrated from Slack to Discord. Our Slack community has grown to over 200 users, and we are very excited to grow even more on Discord!

Slack lacks moderation features, spam filtering, complete message histories, unlimited file sharing, voice chat, and much more. Which makes sense since Slack was built for corporate teams.

Discord’s intended audience is gamers, but many large communities have switched from Slack to Discord, including other blockchain projects and cryptocurrency related subreddits such as r/Cryptocurrency. It’s an ideal choice going forward.

We look forward to seeing you online, be sure to spread the migration news!

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Coding Session

Join us this Wednesday as we explore integrating transactions with our blockchain. We will be discussing inputs and outputs, transaction fees, miner’s rewards, and so much more! We have streamlined the development process to focus more on high-level topics, so make sure to attend even if you aren’t an expert coder!

When? Wednesday, November 14th at 7:00 PM

Where? Bruininks Hall 123

Other Events this Week

There are several events this Thursday that you may find interesting!

Thursday November 15 5:30-7:30p McNamara Center
“Beyond Bitcoin” with Dr. Benjamin Cole

Thursday November 15 6pm Akerman Hall Atrium
Root Beer Social with AIAA

New Website

We have a new website! Check out the awesome new design at .It even includes our GopherLink and newsletter updates there directly. Let us know what you think! The website code is available on GitHub .

Market Update

Current Bitcoin Price: $6,396 (as of 4pm)

Here’s to another day mostly in the green for the crypto market. Key players Bitcoin and Ethereum are up by less than a percent while XRP is up ~4%.

Unfortunately, a handful of the more major altcoins — such as Stellar, BCash, TRON, and VeChain — are grinding against the trend, either not moving at all or receding a few percents in towards the end of the day.

In the News

Coinbase Lists Another…

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Forks on November 15th

PureBit exit scams for $2.7+ million

Reddit co-founder: bear market “good for innovation”

FunFair contract allows token manipulation

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