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This Friday, Doug of Global Reserve Capital will be taking over the discussion.Ā Doug manages a cryptocurrency hedge fund and is a market maker. He will speak to us about Global Reserve Capital’s approach to trading and how they evaluate projects to invest in.

When? Friday, February 15th at 4:00 pm

Where? Bruininks 420B

Snacks are provided! Contact us if you have dietary restrictions

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Discord has increasingly become a go-to communication app for cryptocurrency communities. If you can think of a currency, thereā€™s probably a Discord server for talking about it. For this reason, we have created our own server in hopes toĀ continue the conversation about all things crypto, including news, speculation, analysis and also regular conservation, in addition to adding the convenienceĀ of using one app for cryptocurrency related discussions.

We will frequently post event updates, news, and much more on the server. Beginners and experts are all welcome!

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Market Update

Current Bitcoin Price: $3 613Ā  (as of 8:00 PM)

After a bullish week, the cryptocurrency market just about broke even this past weekend. Bitcoin has barley moved, XRP is down a fraction of a percent, and Ethereum saw a nice bump in percentages.

LTC and TRON are our underachievers for the day. Both nearing 5% dips. DASH on the other hand is surprisingly up 8% while NEO is up 4%.

In the News

Here are four noteworthy crypto related news articles:

Bakkt to launch in 2019

Bakkt is the cryptocurrency trading platform created by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), and it is meant to bring a whole host of crypto derivatives. It was set to launch in 2018 but failed to do so, now they’ve set to release later this year.

Thai billionaire and ex-PM supports Bitcoin

Thaksin Shinawatra,Ā Thai billionaire, and formerĀ Prime Minister of Thailand has come out as a recent Bitcoin bull. In a recent podcast, he mentions how Bitcoin and blockchain tech are still in its infancy stage and if others are willing to learn, the too could become wealthy.

Android clipper discovered on Play Store

Clipper malware is desktop and mobile software that replaces cryptocurrency addresses in your clipboard with those of the hacker, thereby leading you to send funds to the wrong address. The first Clipper that’s made it on to the Google Play Store has been discovered leaving mobile crypto holders more wary.

New Proposed ETF Would Mix Bitcoin Futures With Sovereign Debt

A new proposed exchange-traded fund (ETF) would invest in bitcoin futuresĀ ā€“ though only as part of a larger set of more conservative investments.

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