Decentralized Exchanges + We're moving to Discord!

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Join us this Friday to discuss decentralized exchanges. Normal exchanges provide a single point of failure, which has resulted in numerous hacks and general uncertainty. Decentralized exchanges on the other hand offer a solution as they allow users to retain control of their funds throughout the trading process. We will discuss their advantages, disadvantages, and the status of current projects.

When? Friday, November 9th at 4:30 PM

Where? Bruininks Hall 432

Free Jimmy John’s is provided! Contact us if you have dietary restrictions.

We’re moving from Slack to Discord

Today we will be migrating from Slack to Discord. Our Slack community has grown to over 200 users, and we are very excited to grow even more on Discord!

Slack lacks moderation features, spam filtering, complete message histories, unlimited file sharing, voice chat, and much more. Which makes sense since Slack was built for corporate teams.

Discord’s intended audience is gamers, but many large communities have switched from Slack to Discord, including other blockchain projects and cryptocurrency related subreddits such as r/Cryptocurrency. It’s an ideal choice going forward.

We look forward to seeing you online, be sure to spread the migration news!

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Deep Dive Meeting

Are you interested how blockchain data storage works? We will discuss the in-depth processes for blockchain data storage and the mechanisms for interacting with other databases.

We will cover Enigma, IPFS, Filecoin, Siacoin, and more. Snacks provided.

When? Wednesday November 7th at 7:00 PM

Where? Bruininks Hall 123

Market Update

Current Bitcoin Price: $6,424.82 (as of 7:00pm)

Today’s candle is showing that Bitcoin is down a few dollars today. However, yesterday there was a slight hike in the market’s prices, which has peaked with Bitcoin up just under 2% over the last 24 hours.

Ethereum and Ripple are up ~3% and ~5% today, with other altcoins following. Bitcoin Cash on the other hand isn’t faring all too well, trending down a few percent following a recent fork.

In the News

Crypto City to be built in Nevada desert

Ripple to open Dubai office in Q4

Tokyo airport drivers to accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price Eyes Move to $6.8K After Bull Breakout

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