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There will be no meeting this Friday or the next due to most of us leaving for Spring break. So go enjoy yourselves! We’ll be right back at it on April 5th with a meeting with Stratis,¬†so mark your calendars!

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Discord has increasingly become a go-to communication app for cryptocurrency communities. If you can think of a currency, there’s probably a Discord server for talking about it. For this reason, we have created our own server in hopes to continue the conversation about all things crypto, including news, speculation, analysis and also regular conservation, in addition to adding the convenience of using one app for cryptocurrency related discussions.

We will frequently post event updates, news, and much more on the server. Beginners and experts are all welcome!

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Market Update

Current Bitcoin Price: $3,906 (as of 9:00 PM)

Overall, the cryptocurrency market is up an entire percent today. Looking at the top three coins, Bitcoin is up 0.7%, and Ethereum and XRP are following suit

The real gainers are past the top 5. Litecoin is up 3% on the 24 hour chart, with EOS, Binance Coin, and Stellar posting similar growth.

In the News

Here are four noteworthy crypto related news articles:

Leaked: 40-50 banks to use XLM

IBM Head of Blockchain Jesse Lund misspoke, revealing plans for 40-50 banks to use IBM’s Stellar-based World Service blockchain platform.

SEC chairman: ETH is not a security

Analysis from Commission staff, the SEC Chairman Jay Clayton has confirmed that Ethereum and other digital assets like it will not be classified as securities.

Swiss stock exchange to add XRP ETP

SIX is adding yet another digital asset based product to their exchange. This time, it’s an XRP-based exchange traded product joining the ranks.

Cryptocurrency movie soon to be released

The official trailer for CRYPTO, the 2019 movie, has just been released. The thriller “brandishes an impressive cast [with] a timely focus on the rise of cryptocurrency.”

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