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This Friday, we’ll be holding an interactive ‚ÄúSecure Your Cryptocurrency‚ÄĚ discussion. The goal is to learn how to protect your investments and personal data. We’ll be talking about private keys, wallets, 2FA, password managers, and protecting yourself from malware and keyloggers. During the event, we will have an interactive session focused on protecting transactions. Please bring your laptops!

When? Friday, February 1st at 4:00 pm

Where? Bruininks 123

Snacks are provided! Contact us if you have dietary restrictions

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Discord has increasingly become a go-to communication app for cryptocurrency communities. If you can think of a currency, there’s probably a Discord server for talking about it. For this reason, we have created our own server in hopes to continue the conversation about all things crypto, including news, speculation, analysis and also regular conservation, in addition to adding the convenience of using one app for cryptocurrency related discussions.

We will frequently post event updates, news, and much more on the server. Beginners and experts are all welcome!

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Market Update

Current Bitcoin Price: $3,437  (as of 7:30 PM)

Today we’re seeing a bit of green after a 5% drop in total market cap yesterday. Bitcoin still is on the decline since last week, and on average, there’s less than a 1% increase across all cryptocurrencies.

Today has been pretty quiet in terms of movement. Ethereum and XRP are up 1% and 2% respectively while TRON sees the biggest gains with 5.5%.

In the News

Here are four noteworthy crypto related news articles:

Tether market cap overtakes EOS

For a small amount of time, Tether overtook EOS as the fourth largest cryptocurrency. This clearly shows the movement of funds from traditional crypto assets to stable-coins such as Tether. EOS came right back with a 4% gain.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Liqui Shuts Down

Crypto platform Liqui, launched in 2016, is tapping out after an extended Bitcoin “depression”.¬†¬†The company¬†has determined that it will be ‚Äúunable‚ÄĚ to provide liquidity for its remaining clients.

Netherlands plans crypto exchange licenses

The EU’s Anti-Money Laundering Act, which has mandated EU countries to somewhat regulate the operations of cryptocurrency exchanges, has pushed the Netherlands into licensing¬†crypto¬†exchanges.

NEXO supposedly abandons investors

NEXO is a crypto project that allows users to take out fiat loans by depositing cryptocurrency as a down payment. NEXO offered its users a unique fiat-crypto credit card. The team supposedly have not fulfilled any 2018 promises and have dropped communication recently.

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